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Collision Repair Services

We will repair your damaged car. Just contact us or bring your car in. Estimate is FREE.

We will repair a car for you from our Repairables Inventory. If you like any repairable from our Inventory and want it to be fixed, we will be glad to do that. Contact us, get a very good price quote, and drive your fixed car from our body shop.

Why should you choose us to repair your car?

Rebuiltcars provide full auto collision repair service. If you have had an auto accident and need repairs we can help. We can assist you in dealing with the insurance company and we are dedicated to restore your car's condition like it was before the accident. We offer estimates, frame & unibody repairs, painting & refinishing, and other services.

The result we are looking for is YOUR PEACE OF MIND. We want you to feel and know that you paid for quality work. We want you to understand what we did and why we did it. We never want you to experience any unpleasant surprises.

Structural and frame repairs

To insure proper structural repairs and frame repairs that are essential to maintain the safety of your car, we use a unibody measuring system and a unibody and frame straightening system. Use of the measuring system helps the technician determine the nature and extent of the damage to your vehicle's frame. In addition, the measuring system assures the technician that he has fully returned the vehicle to factory specifications.

Paint system

We have our own in-house paint system that utilizes PPG paints. 75% of the cars produced in the world have some PPG component in their manufacture and over 45% of the cars produced worldwide have PPG coatings on them. PPG supplies every major auto manufacturer in the world today. PPG paint and the in-house paint system allow us to duplicate the color, texture, and gloss of the factory paint finish.

To apply the paint we use a brand new paint spray booth. The paint spray booth helps reduce the chances of dust particles ruining an otherwise perfect paint job.

Questions? Call or email us.