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We sell used cars

We sell used cars Ė repaired, not repaired, with salvage, rebuilt, or clear title. To browse our inventory, click here.

We help to buy vehicles at various auctions and transport them to any US location or export them worldwide.

We help to buy vehicles from any salvage auction in the United States. You can search salvage auctions yourself. Pick the vehicle you like, then email us the name of the auction selling the vehicle along with the LOT or STOCK number. We also can rebuild or repair your purchased vehicle and order parts needed for repairs.

Here is list of some auctions where you can browse and find salvage vehicles:

Auctions (click on the auction link)

We ship worldwide from locations:

  • Chicago, IL
  • New Jersey, NJ
  • Houston, TX
  • Miami, FL
  • Los Angeles, CA

Order your car

Donít have time to search auctions and repair the vehicle yourself? Save time by ordering the car you want through us. Weíll search all salvage auctions for you and do our best to find you the best deal possible. Order your car HERE.

We sell used auto parts

- Locally in the US: Check our used parts store, or call us to determine whether we have the part you need.
-Worldwide: If you donít find needed parts in our store, email us a list of parts you need and to what country those parts need to be shipped.

We buy cars in any condition

We buy cars in any condition. Also, we take trade-ins, both rebuilt or not. Read more.