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Would you like to buy a car from one of the United States auto auctions but, but lack a license to do so?

Can you buy cars from United States auto auctions, but can't coordinate the cars' paperwork and delivery to particular state or foreign country?

Purchased a salvage car from different state and need help registering it in Illinois?

Is there other reason why you need help?

Need parts for vehicles that you export from U.S.?

We can help you!

We already provide these services and each of our customers get what best suits them. We are very flexible. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible. Tell us what you need and we will be glad to help you. Click here to see how you can contact us.

The Auctions

We can buy vehicles from various auctions. If you would like to buy vehicles from an auction which we don't have access to, we will register for YOU. Here are some of the auctions we are buying from:


We charge a fee per car for our services. The fee is fixed and does not depend on the price of the vehicle. Deposit is required before purchase.

Delivery in US and Overseas

We use two loading-to-container locations for the vehicles to be shipped overseas:

Need another loading location? Call us.

Estimated prices to bring a car from the auction, to the loading, to the container location:

FromTo Chicago $ per 1 carTo New York $ per 1 car
Alabama, AL300-575400-600
Alaska, AKNANA
Arkansas, AR450-650450-600
Arizona, AZ500-750600-800
California, CA500-750700-1000
Colorado, CO400-500700-800
Connecticut, CT400-500180-200
Delaware, DE400-500Call
District of Columbia, DC400-700200-330
Florida, FL500-600400-600
Georgia, GA350-500450-550
Hawaii, HINANA
Idaho, ID500-700750-900
Illinois, IL70-450NA
Indiana, IN150-300450-600
Iowa, IA200-300500-700
Kansas, KS300-450600-650
Kentucky, KY225-300450-600
Louisiana, LA500-600Call
Maine, ME475-600300-500
Maryland, MD425-500200-330
Massachusetts, MA700-800330-380
Michigan, MI100-300450-550
Minnesota, MN300-400600-750
Mississippi, MS400-500Call
Missouri, MO150-400500-650
Montana, MT800-900Call
Nebraska, NE250-400600-800
Nevada, NV500-650700-900
New Hampshire, NH700-800Call
New Jersey, NJ400-50050-150
New Mexico, NM500-600575-800
New York, NY600-700180-600
North Carolina, NC350-550350-600
North Dakota, ND500-600800-950
Ohio, OH300-450350-450
Oklahoma, OK400-550500-700
Oregon, OR900-1000Call
Pennsylvania, PA300-550250-550
Rhode Island, RI400-500200-300
South Carolina, SC400-600400-600
South Dakota, SD450-600600-800
Tennessee, TN300-350425-500
Texas, TX425-525400-800
Utah, UT500-600800-1000
Vermont, VT450-600350-450
Virginia, VA600-700500
Washington, WA500-700800-1000
West Virginia, WV600-700600-800
Wisconsin, WI100-250Call
Wyoming, WY800-900Call

*call or email us for more detailed prices

Shipping Overseas:


First of all, we will give you a list of all expenses (auction fees, transportation, paperwork, etc.) and guide you through how to search auto auctions using the World Wide Web (it is very simple). Next, you can pick a car from the auction and decide how much you would be willing to pay for the same car in your country ($). Then, you subtract all the expenses and the amount left is the highest bid you are willing to place for a particular car at the auction.

In case the winning bid is lower than your provided maximum bid amount, we will not cheat and will not pocket the difference YOU will keep the money. On your request, we will provide copies of official documents from the auctions where you can see yourself what the actual winning bid was and how much Rebuiltcars paid for a particular vehicle at the auction.

If you win that auction, we'll take care of everything else to help ensure that this car will arrive in your country as soon as possible. In summary, the only work you need to do is to figure out what the highest bid is that you are willing to place for particular car, and if yours is the winning bid, pick up your car from the shipping company in your country when that car arrives.

If you don't need our full service, that's fine: tell us what you need and we will be glad to help you in any way we can.

Questions? Call or email us.

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